01 May 2018

Inspire — A Clover

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Can something unassuming, like a clover be the inspiration for something substantial, like an architectural project? Yes and yes. In fact it has been, is and will be as long as there are architects who are inspired by the wonders around them.

Nine years ago, I developed a speculative residential design series to respond to the perceived need for a starter home that could evolve with a family. These residences would be located on isolated properties of varied sizes.

Any dwelling designed for every one but no one in particular falls in the category of speculative design. There’s nothing new about speculative design. It’s a development strategy founded in the 1950’s that still dominates single-family residential development today. This type design often earns the title “tract home”, “cookie-cutter design” or “stock plan”. The primary difference between those designs and my creation (which I call Eco-Flex) is my designs were off-the-grid, adaptable and inspired by natural site elements.


Each project must be off-the grid and retain the following features:

  • utility independent
  • energy efficient
  • easily reproduced and constructed


Each project must be flexible for construction on multiple building sites:

  • 12×16 modules or 8×16 modules
  • expandable designs
  • pier-and-beam foundation
  • SIPS wall construction

Natural Elements:

Each project must emulate a natural land element to blend with topography and organize the design layout:


The end result was several speculative projects that could be located in the city or country, for small families or large families yet provide a unique appearance to prevent the repetition prevalent in American neighborhoods today. My inspiration, called Clover, looked like this:

Sometimes the simplest and most unassuming object, like a single clover, can become the unlikely inspiration for an architecture project.

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