Tutor09-Scheme Models

The scheme models show potential 3D design solutions that address your functional needs and aesthetic preferences. It includes all major spaces, but may not address all secondary spaces (small closets, storage areas, outdoor entertainment). read more →

Tutor08-Block Diagram/Mass Model

The block diagram is a layout diagram to show size, circulation and form. It’s not a floor plan, but is the start of one. This helps us understand how big/small spaces are, how they fit together and if the function works. read more →

Tutor07-Site/Code Analysis

The site analysis is my observation about how infrastructure, topography, location, exposure and views affects the building layout, orientation, location, materials, exterior design and interior arrangement. read more →

Tutor06-Bubble Diagram

The bubble diagram is a functional diagram to show which spaces connect to each other. This diagram helps us understand how your project works. read more →

Tutor05-Show & Tell

The Show & Tell is a photo gallery to illustrate your ideas for your project finish, features, fixtures, layout, style. Your comments and feedback help me understand what makes your project unique. read more →

Tutor04-Feature List

The feature list identifies special items such as storage systems, closets, built-ins, window seats and fixtures or all items we need to plan in your project. This exercise teaches me about your fit and finish preferences. read more →

Tutor03-AAA Matrix

The Area-Activity-Adjacency Matrix is the space list plus furniture inventory and building function. This exercise helps me understand how much space you need and how you live. read more →

Tutor02-Space List

The space list is a wish list. You list every interior and exterior space for every activity you want in your project to help me understand what’s in your project. read more →