Pricing – It’s Right-Sizing

Every one starts somewhere and I started my firm during one of the worst times to begin a new architecture business. Cheryl Weber investigated how architects survived the low-times. read more →

09 Aug 2010
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Are U a Good Client?

When you interview me to decide if I’m the right architect, I also interview you to determine if you make a good client. I know I can’t win or accept every project I pursue so I have to be as selective as you are to ensure a successful project. read more →

09 Apr 2010
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Why do architects draw so sloppy, but write so neat?

Why do architects draw so sloppy and write so neat? We don’t really nor do we intentionally draw sloppy. The shaky line drawings we produce are a rapid sketch technique to illustrate ideas. A picture is worth a thousand words, so we draw free hand to capture, explore and evolve design concepts. Straight-edge lines and.. read more →

31 Aug 2007
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