The Advisor

The Advisor service answers the question, "How do I get approval to build my project, how much does it cost and who will build it?"

The Advisor

Do you need an advisor to help you find a reliable builder or navigate authority having jurisdiction approval? We do that!

Service Type:

Jurisdiction Approval and/or Bid Service

Answers the question:

  • How do I get my project approved?
  • How much does it cost and who will build my project?

Bid Doc

What you receive:

Service to obtain approval to proceed with your project —

  • prepare and process documents to obtain city approval and permit
  • documents to obtain POA or HOA approval and permit

Bid service to —

  • interview and select a compatible builder who understands your project
  • consult with builder and suppliers to confirm they understand your design intent
  • develop construction estimate (budget service) to evaluate scope, quality and cost
  • compile manufacturer’s specifications and details to ensure bids match quality, codes and warranty
  • construction contract review to integrate relevant documents and protect your interest

License Info:  TX-16989; OK-5354


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