House of OM

House of OM

Bikram or “hot yoga” for the rest of us, is a flowing vinyasa style yoga practiced in a room maintained at 95°-105° and 40% humidity. If it sounds like exercising in a sauna, it is! The House of OM takes the hot yoga phenom one step further by introducing body moving music to the experience. Yoga, by itself, is a spiritual exercise but when you further stimulate the exercise with feeling and sound, you discover a whole new level of OM – Welcome to the House of OM


San Antonio, TX (Designed 2019; Built 2019)


Abandoned Warehouse

Personalized business!


1,580 SF retail finish-out

Client’s Style:

Gritty, Urban, Industrial chic


The SketchThe DetailsThe Docs, The Consultant

Lifestyle Features:

  • concrete warehouse with exposed steel structure
  • exposed duct work to emphasize the “heat” and pulse of the studio
  • audio embedded in the studio walls for an immersive sound experience
  • pendant style lights reminiscent of old warehouse lighting
  • private dressing rooms & open primping area
  • charging stations throughout to

Environment Solutions:

  • insulated studio to create a unique atmosphere in the studio
  • radiant heat panels and exhaust system to control the temperature and reset the room to
  • traditional HVAC for the remainder of the facility

Community Influence

  • emphasize the linear quality of the strip center
  • maintain glass facade to provide connection and visual draw to patrons
  • facilities to the rear to emphasize the “yoga warehouse” function