Brighton Office

Brighton Office

Business grows and some business outgrows it’s former space. That’s the case with the Brighton Office so the owners relocated the corporate company from the small office to the big office complete with updates space and updated branding. The big office is part office and part warehouse to store materials and equipment for this burgeoning business. This building uses soaring shapes as an archetype metaphor to emulate the corporate philosophy of looking to the future.


Selma, TX (Designed 2019; Built 2019)


Soar into the Future

Personalized business!


4,000 SF office/warehouse

Client’s Style:



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Lifestyle Features:

  • open office space to allow flexibility and for future growth
  • double toilets to serve staff and maintenance crew separately & simultaneously
  • indigenous trees to introduce verticality to an otherwise planar site
  • prudent site placement to allow for future expansion

Environment Solutions:

  • shed roofs for potential water catchment in the future
  • low-maintenance materials for durability & longevity
  • mixture of softscape and hardscape to blend man & nature

Community Influence

  • slide volumes and soaring roof to avoid the stigma of the blocky warehouse buildings
  • brand the building with elements that represent the company philosophy
  • create a public face to welcome customers & staff
  • match urban fabric to blend into the neighborhood