Suite Shop

Suite Shop

Remember when you were a kid and you had a special get-away place to be alone? Sometimes it was the woods, the closet, the treehouse or under old lady O’Leary’s porch. Even when we mature, most of us still need a special get-away place. This family asked for a half-pint his/hers get-away where he gets a first floor workshop and she gets a second floor exercise space and both of them get a pool view. But, this special get-away has a night life too. When they’re not getting away it transforms into a private guest suite/pool house. Shop by day and guest space by night. How suite it is!


San Antonio, TX (Designed 2011; Built 2011)


everything else space

Personalized new home!


794 SF; 1BR, 3/4 BA, 1-bay workshop, 2-story

Client’s Style:

city barn


The Sketch, The Details, The Docs

Lifestyle Features:
  • open bay workshop
  • eave overhang for covered extension ladder storage
  • balcony with interior/exterior access
  • base cabinet clothing storage
Environment Solutions:
  • reuse existing slab to minimize site disruption
  • on-demand space heating/cooling
  • low maintenance fiber cement finishes for longevity
  • optimize structural spans to match dimension lumber and reduce material disposal
Community Influence
  • complement neighborhood scale and conceal from street
  • match main home materials and styling
  • gambrel roof borrowed from neighborhood design elements

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