Whether we are two, twenty-two or sixty-two, we strive for independence. That was mom’s dilemma when she sold the big house and relocated near the grandkids. How do we create a space where mom can cohabitate but still preserve her independence? Simple, we design a compact, efficient, independent space that provides what she needs, some of what she wants, but not more than she needs. You know…just like the iPad, Apple’s newest tablet device. It’s a clever, diminutive computing device that grants me light-weight empowerment. It is budget-friendly, right-sized and loaded with my favorite features — the precise feeling this live-in-mom wants in her m-Pad.


Helotes, TX (Designed 2010; Built 2010)



Personalized remodel!


592 SF; 1BR suite w/ 1 kitchen, 1 bath, private deck, private entrance

Client’s Style:

garden veranda


The Sketch, The Details, The Docs, The Advisor, The Agent

Lifestyle Features:
  • full-service kitchen so mom can make magic meals – her favorite hobby
  • full-size pantry for food and utensil storage
  • table-height bar for double-duty storage and dining
  • expanded vanity to provide plenty of primping space
  • private entrance through the laundry space to maintain separation from main living areas
  • private deck for meditation moments
Environment Solutions:
  • affordable and practical blown-in-blanket insulation to balance budget and building performance
  • acoustic wall between addition and existing living spaces to provide mutual privacy
  • energy-star appliances for friendlier energy consumption
  • outdoor deck on east side protected from hot western exposure
  • pergola on the west side to provide a shady enclave
  • engineered wood floor for warmth and resilience
  • low-VOC and hypo-allergenic materials for an organic and environmentally-conscious family
Community Influence
  • emulate home massing to balance facade and make a seamless addition
  • retain exterior fabric to maintain architectural compatibility
One Response to m-Pad
  1. What this client said about WishingRock Homes:

    “Love the new kitchen design!!  Thanks so much for helping me figure out what I really want and need.  I told you I needed your advice — BIG TIME!!!  You’ve got such great ideas, I’m thankful I found you!”

    — Janet (m-Pad)


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