The Wave

The Wave

If you’re naturally friendly you might greet strangers and friends similarly with a wave. This friendly family is that way with people and nature. In fact, they are so friendly they greeted me with a wave and we imparted that contagious friendliness to their land with a wave to weave around the majestic oaks adorning their property. To welcome a friend, neighbor, architect or stranger into your life, just wave and to welcome mother earth into your life, just wave.


Floresville, TX (Designed 2010; Built 2011)


the tree weave

Personalized new home!


2,878 SF; 4BR, 3 BA, 500 SF outdoor entertainment, 2-car garage, 1-story

Client’s Style:



The Sketch, The Details, The Docs

Lifestyle Features:
  • gourmet-style kitchen with masonry surround and three kitchen islands
  • outdoor kitchen for all-weather grilling
  • open great room (dining, kitchen, living) with step ceilings to create living volume
  • public and private entry with organizer nooks for shoes, coats and electronics
  • remotely-located laundry to separate noisy utility space from sleeping spaces
Environment Solutions:
  • staggered facade to create shady alcoves
  • oversized glass window to capture expansive view
  • weaved home between magnificent oaks to complement park-like atmosphere
Community Influence
  • stone exterior to match authentic neighborhood fabric
  • dark-colored roof to create a shady canopy

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