Serenity Now

Serenity Now

Even Dorothy knows there’s no place like home. My client is no farm girl; instead she’s a certified professional with family and a career. When life wears her down, she escapes to the place she remembers most fondly — her parent’s home designed for the family by a close family friend and architect. While that home still provides the sanctity she needs, she’s established and needs her own refuge and is tired of waiting for it. She wants her Serenity Now!


Bulverde, TX (Designed 2010; Built 2012)


the spoke

Personalized new home!


2,500 SF; 2BR, 2 BA, 1,000 SF pool deck, 2-car carport, 1-story

Client’s Style:

mission hacienda


The Sketch, The Details, The Docs

Lifestyle Features:
  • wide open and soaring central great room — the design spoke for social interaction and respite
  • split-plan to provide master adult privacy and adult child privacy
  • professional media entertainment room for pure electric joy
  • hidden laundry space doubles as entry/mudroom and bulk store room
  • shaded terrace for all-weather living
Environment Solutions:
  • positioned in a clearing on a natural plateau with a panoramic hill country view
  • insulating concrete forms for superior building envelope and energy-efficiency
  • durable and low-maintenance tile floors in high-traffic and main living areas for sustainable beauty
  • shaded patios and limited south facing glass to reduce heat gain
  • north window wall to capture natural light and a 40-mile view
  • V-joints around fenestration for aesthetic rhythm and natural crack control
  • carport to provide necessary cover while conserving materials
Community Influence
  • stucco finish and clay tile roof to complement regional and local architecture
  • mission-style detailing to emulate her childhood home and distant neighbor
  • exposed rafter tails for a well-articulated cover