Help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up! That’s what happened to this 1914 bungalow that disintegrated into total disrepair and a nearly unsalvageable heap before a visionary developer rescued it from certain sawdust and resurrected the home granting it new life in it’s old neighborhood!


San Antonio, Texas


glory restored

Personalized residential remodel!


1,300 SF, 2BR, 2BA bungalow w/ 1,000 SF, 2BR, 2BA guest suite

Client’s Style:

authentic bungalow


The Sketch

Lifestyle Features:
  • open plan to allow modern family a modern lifestyle
  • screened porch to allow all-weather living
  • compartments to conceal electronics from public view
Environment Solutions:
  • low-maintenance fiber-cement siding to protect the original structure
  • restored and repaired wood windows to improve energy efficiency
  • foam insulation on roof deck for better insulation-value
  • pervious paving and drive paths to allow water infiltration
  • reused/recycled as much of the old structure as possible to reduce new material purchase
Community Influence
  • retained original scale and size to match existing neighborhood homes
  • restored historic detailing to complement neighborhood style
  • gravel drive to emulate original driveway paths
  • low maintenance floral landscape to create a pleasant visual and aromatic environment
One Response to Resurrection
  1. What this client said about WishingRock Studio:

    Eric, Your work was even better than I imagined!

    –Lonnie (S O S)

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