Winging It

Winging It

C’mon everyone is doing it…downsizing that is. The client relocated and down-sized from a spacious suburban home to a smaller, but established inner-city neighborhood. The 70’s rambler is in great shape, but is tight for a family of seven. With limitied space to grow and a modest budget the family asked for a private master bedroom wing. The personal budget crunch means the owner will blend contracted work and DITY work. It’s the first addition and contractor role for the family so their winging-it.


Castle Hills, Texas (Designed 2009; Built 2010)


do more with less

Personalized remodel!


800 SF; +1BR; uprade master suite

Client’s Style:

70’s rambler


: The Sketch, The Details, The Docs

Lifestyle Features:
  • New master to give the owner privacy in this active home
  • add shared master closet for storage
  • modest master bath divided into functional bathing, primping areas
  • combo utility, laundry and bathroom for much-needed multi-function space
Environment Solutions:
  • minimize footprint/site distrubance to retain natural environment
  • reuse drains and plumbing lines to conserve material
  • reuse lap siding, to reduce material and transportation cost
  • circulation corridor with outside access to create all-weather space
  • new reflective roof to reduce heat gai
Community Influence:
  • maintain home scale with neighborhood
  • retain original appearance/style/massing

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