Tiny Bubble

Tiny Bubble

Any allergy sufferer knows how seasonal allergies affect quality of life. For some people it’s a minor inconvenience; however to anyone with a compromised immune system who’s allergic to everyday elements, a simple allergy can be debilitating! When there’s no way to eliminate all unknown allergens a occupant needs a controlled environment or a tiny bubble to enjoy life.


Leon Springs, TX (Designed 2017; Built TBD)



Personalized remodel!


200 SF; clean room

Client’s Style:



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Lifestyle Features:

  • built-in utility cabinet
  • custom cabinets for appliances and storage
  • owner-provided materials to add ambiance

Environment Solutions:

  • hypo-allergenic materials throughout
  • fiberglass frame, low-e glass windows for energy efficiency
  • seal enclosure to prevent infiltration from adjoining home
  • hi-efficiency, independent mini-split unit to condition space
  • frequent air changes to purge allergens and replace air

Community Influence

  • minimal impact to exterior appearance
  • similarly proportioned windows to match home features
  • retain exterior materials to match existing home