Craft Cave

Craft Cave

Make room or in this case make A room. The females often rule the pride and the females in this family have spoken (they outnumber the males 3:1). They want more space for crafting. The term “They: refers to the matriarch, the princess and the family pet. The male of the species subscribes to the theory “happy wife, happy life” and willingly complied with the female request. The SheCave is the wisest decision he ever made.


San Antonio, TX (Designed 2017; Built TBD)


Loft-y view

Personalized remodel!


512 SF; sunroom, 300 SF covered porch, sport court

Client’s Style:



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Lifestyle Features:

  • interchangeable space bedrooms can swap w/office & den
  • open plan for max flexibility
  • public 1st level & private 2nd level (ladder-access)
  • extended pantry design to increase storage volume
  • modular storage solutions that also provide seating
  • automated dog door to allow pet protection during inclement weather
  • sport court – basketball, volleyball, tennis

Environment Solutions:

  • spray foam insulation
  • low-e, low u-value, hi-insulation vinyl windows
  • low-maintenance materials to improve longevity
  • self-sufficient garden & free-range animals for food & fertilizer
  • site home in a field to minimize site disturbance

Community Influence

  • complement existing home style
  • similar massing & scale to neighborhood
  • extended main home geometry to “belong”