Hotter Than …

Hotter Than …

When it’s too hot for comfort you have to create your own comfort. After enduring too many brutal summers in the historic and temporary structures, the family decided it was time to raze the old and plant the new. The new structure provided the modern conveniences excluded in the original ranch buildings such as air conditioning, finished floors, modern appliances and furniture. What was previously a burden is not a vacation spot.


Cotulla, TX (Designed 2016; Built 2016)


shaded cabin

Personalized new home!


2,500 SF; 4BR, 2-1/2BA, great room, covered porch

Client’s Style:



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Lifestyle Features:

  • soaring great room to display trophy mounts
  • private and acoustically-separated bedrooms
  • shared his/her master closet for efficient storage
  • guest bath positioned for equal access from guest bedrooms
  • mudroom to discard work clothes and separate clean spaces from dirty spaces

Environment Solutions:

  • covered porch and window awnings to reduce heat gain
  • vaulted public spaces to naturally dissipate sensible heat
  • minimize window quantity and sizes to maximize wall insulation
  • compact floor plan to reduce building envelope
  • low-maintenance stone and stucco facade

Community Influence

  • design mimics other ranch buildings and regional architecture
  • orient entry to approach to help visitors navigate to the home