Son & Moon

Son & Moon

From age-to-age, from day-to-day and from sun-to-moon a home built on legacy property is a treasure before it’s built. Memories from growing up on the farm transplanted from grandparent to parent and parent to child and child to extended family. This family lives that mantra every day and this home reflects that heritage from the soaring great room to the secret loft and the private master suite to the public screen porch. This is a home for and by the generations.


Boerne, TX (Designed 2016; Built 2017)


Loft-y view

Personalized new home!


2,070 SF; 3BR, 2BA, great room, office, loft, screen porch

Client’s Style:



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Lifestyle Features:

  • interchangeable space bedrooms can swap w/office & den
  • secret room enters from kid’s closet into loft
  • nestled front porch & screened back porch
  • formal & informal living spaces to entertain & be entertained
  • craftsman color palette
  • unique ceilings to distinguish feature spaces

Environment Solutions:

  • continuous perimeter insulation & air barrier
  • ideal North-South orientation for optimum shade & sun
  • use natural vegetation barriers to screen views
  • integrate new arbor entry into preserved site features
  • self-sufficient garden & free-range animals for food & fertilizer
  • site home in a field to minimize site disturbance

Community Influence

  • mimic neighboring structures
  • reuse existing drive & pedestrian paths
  • retain maximum trees to provide mature appeal for a new home