Somebody Shade Me

Somebody Shade Me

What do you do when the trees are gone? You create artificial shade. This family enjoys outdoor time and decided to remove a few trees to improve the view. Uh-oh, those same trees that blocked their view also blocked the hot Western sun. Now their relaxing outdoor entertainment space is too hot to handle. Quick, somebody shade me!


San Antonio, TX (Designed 2012)


sun block

Personalized new home!


existing exterior deck

Client’s Style:

no obstructions


The Sketch

Lifestyle Features:
  • illustrate ideas to maintain a view and block the sun
  • minimal view obstruction
  • maximum shade potential w/limited structure
Environment Solutions:
  • shade Western sun with different solutions
  • overhead
  • lateral
  • vertical
Community Influence
  • invisible to neighbors
  • do-it-yourself (DITY)┬ácompatible

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