Elk Flats

Elk Flats

You always remember your first love. Architects also remember the first home design for a real client. It’s one thing to scale a design on paper for an arbitrary client in an arbitrary place, but a real family & a real property builds a special memory. Since there has to a first, I’m glad Elk Flats was my first.


Mt. Home, TX (Designed 2001; Built 2003)


plain & simple

Personalized new home!


2,208 SF 3BR, 2-1/2 BA w/great room & loft. 898 SF mother suite 1BR, 1BA patios, 1-story

Client’s Style:



The Coach, The Details, The Docs

Lifestyle Features:
  • main home and mother’s suite share the same slab
  • library loft to provide get-a-way with a view
  • functional breezeway serves as parking
  • long serving/dining bar to accommodate large or small gatherings
  • alcoves to add character & dimension to the facade
  • open public area to feel spacious
  • half bath in laundry to serve indoor & outdoor public areas
Environment Solutions:
  • deep roof overhangs to reduce heat gain
  • primary North-South orientation to capture best light & block harsh sun
  • narrow building and breezeway to funnel breezes through spaces
Community Influence
  • flexible material, color, finish palette and design styles to accommodate multiple preferences
  • wrap-around patio to keep cows away

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