The Romans built an elaborate aqueduct structure to transport waste water. Few ancient cultures employed such advanced means to distribute water. On a much smaller scale, this family created a raised patio to support recreational water (a hot tub). The feat may not be as historically significant as an aqueduct, but it certainly is to this leisure-loving family.


San Antonio, TX (Designed 2011; Built TBD)


raise it up

Personalized new home!


380SF enclosed porch; 180SF hot tub patio

Client’s Style:



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Lifestyle Features:
  • temperature-controlled enclosed patio with sliding doors for fresh-air living
  • multi-level open patio for seating and soaking
  • fully-functional kitchenette complete with cooktop, wine cooler & ice maker
  • slate floor with accent medallions to create dramatic floor pattern
  • 220v hot tub circuit for speedy heating
  • bas relief foundation wall to emulate home detailing and frame featured plants
Environment Solutions:
  • high-SEER air-handler to heat/cool enclosed patio
  • upgrade insulation to reduce heating/cooling load
  • low-e glass doors to reduce heat gain
  • energy star appliances to reduce energy consumption
  • new low-water landscape & drip irrigation w/moisture sensor to irrigate only when needed
  • protect existing trees to retain mature growth
  • rainwater directed into planting beds to reduce runoff & reclaim water
Community Influence
  • maintain original massing and exterior style
  • adopt same materials on addition to match existing home
  • recess hot tub to provide visual privacy from community pavilion
  • curved and multi-level planting beds to emulate similar planting features on neighboring sites
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  1. What this client said about WishingRock Studio:

    “I certainly appreciate the standard of excellence you hold yourself to. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the work you have done as my architect and will not hesitate to recommend you.”

    — Barbara (Spaticus)


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