10 Sep 2009

Why should I involve a builder in design?

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Why should I involve a builder during design?

Because it benefits you and improves your project success! If you don’t involve a builder who understands market price fluctuation during design, there is a chance you will design a project you cannot afford. I will design a project that meets your requirements and desires and will include creative cost-saving measures that won’t be obvious to an outsider. No matter how detailed my drawings are (and mine are quite detailed) no one will know your project better than I will. I’ll know why we made every decision, it’s importance and what it means to the overall design. If you involve the builder during design, he/she gains the insight of how we evolved your project and can make informed decisions during construction to maintain your design intent. An equally good solution is to hire me to consult during construction so you, me and your builder (the team) collectively pursue design-construction continuity.

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