13 Jun 2009

What does “green” mean to an architect?

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QuestionWhat does “green” mean to an architect?

AnswerYou’ve heard the real estate mantra, location, location location…well, “green” means thoughtful and responsive design and it’s all about location. No matter what synonym you use — “sustainable design”, “green building”, “passive design” “LEED”, “environmentally friendly” It’s about relative location – where you put the house on the lot, where you put spaces relative to each other, where you get materials, how far away you are from civilization, where the wind and sun are and where you get utilities (public, private, self-generated). When the distance between respective locations is small, you created a sustainable, green design. [There are also manufacturing or work factors]. Too many people equate “green” to specific products which cost you plenty of green. Don’t get me wrong…indoor air quality is important and products help, but it’s the things that don’t cost extra, like siting and building function that embrace green building.

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