10 Jul 2018

Words are Simple — Too Simple

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Words hurt, Words are Power, Words are cheap, Words are Simple — Too simple and that’s why I add the Show-&-Tell step to The Sketch part of the design process.

The Show-&-Tell solves the mystery behind personal word definitions. One of the most misused words in architecture is the word, “simple“. Every client uses it, but it rarely means the same thing. So I ask clients to select images from houzz to illustrate their personal preferences.

Naomi’s Simple Fireplace:

Naomi, a single client in San Antonio, TX asked for a simple fireplace like this.


Alastar’s Simple Bar:

Alastar, a married couple in Canyon Lake , TX asked for a simple bar like this.

CeCe’s Simple Bunk:

CeCe, a multi-generational family in New Braunfels, TX asked for a simple bunk room like this.

The word “simple” didn’t help me envision each client’s preference but an image + description provides unique identity.

Simple words need a simple picture.

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The #ArchiTalks goal is to inspire blogging architects with similar educational and professional requirements to opine on the same topic and simulpost their response so other architects and a broader audience can enjoy the rampant thought-diversity within the architecture profession

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