03 Nov 2009

Tutor17-Project Specs

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What it is:

The project specs are a description of the product quality, quantity and practices you and your contractor use to build your project. I will generate specifications if you select everything during design; however, some owners and contractors use an allowance system that gives the owner a budget and the option to select materials during construction. Project specs are part of The Advisor service.

What you learn:
  • What quality you specified
  • What products and procedures the contractor uses
  • What the contractor requires of his installers
  • Which suppliers the contractor uses
  • Which manufacturer specifications you should use
  • Which manufacturer details you should use
Exercises we use:
  • Specs-Contractor
  • Specs-Manufacturer
  • Instructions
  • General Notes
  • Contact Info
  • Area Schedule
  • Drawing List
  • Material List
  • I identify relevant specs in the drawings
  • Your contractor drafts a specification booklet
  • You research and select manufacturer products and specifications

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