03 Nov 2009

Tutor15-Project Plans

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What it is:

The project plans are one part of the construction documents (The Docs). The plans are D-size sheets (24″x36″) that show the contractor how to build your project.

What you learn:
  • Where everything is
  • What it takes to build your project
  • How much of each material
  • How different drawings work together to show the whole picture
Exercises we use:
  • Site Plan
  • Foundation/Penetration Layout
  • Framing Plans (Floor, Ceiling and Roof)
  • Floor Plan
  • Roof Plan
  • Electrical Layout
  • HVAC/Plumbing Layout
  • Cabinet Layouts
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Interior Elevations
  • Building Sections
  • Schedules (Door, Window, Electric, Cabinet)
  • Redline Review (large file – long download time)
  • I coordinate a meeting
  • I print 1/2-size sets
  • We meet face-to-face for a redline review to study the set
  • You provide observations and ask questions
  • Involve your contractor so he/she can ask questions too

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