03 Nov 2009

Tutor14-Project Audit

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What it is:

The project audit is an online and screen shot review to tour the entire building. I send 3D screen shots and host an online meeting to walk through the 3D design so you can see everything (The Details).

What you learn:
  • How different features fit in the design
  • What everything inside and outside looks like
  • What’s not in the project and why
  • How spaces flow
  • What the space feels like in live motion
  • What finishes you select for each space
Exercises we use:
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Popcorn
  • Happy Beverages (must be 21 years of age)
  • I email screen shots and host an online webinar
  • We walk through the home real-time and discuss the design
  • Involve your contractor to help him/her understand the whole design

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