03 Nov 2009


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What it is:

The sections are a technical drawing that is cut through the building to show structural, architectural and space for mechanical, plumbing and electrical sections. It helps allocate sufficient space for infrastructure (The Details).

What you learn:
  • What ceiling heights are in spaces
  • How much equipment is in attic or closets
  • What materials are in the building
  • Where we run conduit, wire, pipes or ducts
  • How much attic storage is available
  • What finishes you select for each space
  • How interior and exterior wall sections are built
Exercises we use:
  • I email the sections for feedback or confirmation and to show adequate systems integration
  • Most architects do not develop these drawings for single-family residential design
  • Most clients do not comment on these drawings
  • Involve your contractor to help coordinate building systems

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