03 Nov 2009


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What it is:

The elevations show the building face from every side. It helps me show the exterior scale, proportion, materials and features (The Details).

What you learn:
  • What the building exterior looks like
  • Which exterior materials you selected
  • Which elevation has the most curb appeal
  • What exterior ornament we designed (millwork, gutter, quoins, trim, lintel, etc.)
  • Window and door proportions
  • How grade affects the exterior
  • How to light the exterior
Exercises we use:
  • I email the elevation for feedback or confirmation
  • You provide observations and I refine the design
  • Ask your contractor for advice about material longevity and waterproofing details

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Your Architect is Eric Faulkner -- an architect licensed in Texas & Oklahoma with 29 years experience in design, construction observation and life.