Pizza is God’s perfect food. read more →

Lost and Found

If you are lost somwhere you’ve been lost before…are you truly lost? read more →

Architects like builders

Architects genuinely like builders! Contrary to what you read in many publications or overhear at trade shows, architects and builders like and appreciate one another. The builder-bashing and architect-lynching will wage on eternally because these “partners” lack effective communication – like many relationships. The problem is builders are rarely included in design and architects are.. read more →

Architects are problem solvers!

Architects do their best problem solving staring out the window! That means we have to be patient and we ask for yours. Problem solving is not something you make happen. Even though we put ourselves in a creative mindset, it does not guarantee immediate solutions. So it might be hours, days or weeks before I.. read more →


Architects add tremendous value during construction. Your architect knows your personalized project better than anyone! Owners and builders should hire your architect for sustainability advice and design intent consultation! read more →


Personalized architecture — for people, place & planet! read more →

How do you find Info? – The Search!

The Internet contains mass information and our website does too. We share articles, advice, samples and sometimes a little sarcastic humor. We want you to use these valuable insights and tips, but it’s hard to remember where everything is, so use the powerful Search tool to find information that matches your preferred topics.    .. read more →

Media is the architect’s nemesis

Mainstream media can be the architect’s nemesis! Television shows such as Extreme Home Makeover, and Design on a Dime (HGTV) mean well, but they undermine our credibility. Many clients think we can build or remodel entire homes in a weekend and can construct everything for <$2,000 and will design it all for free. That’s a.. read more →