Tutor00-Dzine Expedition

Dzine (dee-zīn’) — The a-ha factor in architectural design. It’s the spontaneous moment when inspiration and idea reveal the immaculate solution, but it might be luck. read more →

Design-Build: The Super Star or Super Team

Do you like sports? Do full-contact team sports like football, basketball and soccer motivate you or do you prefer the indivdual sports like tennis, golf and gymnastics? I’m a team sport fan and enjoyed playing football, basketball and soccer because I like the interdepence of players working together, exploiting their strengths, to win championships. Of course, the satisfaction of cultivating an individual talent to earn the #1 ranking in the world is remarkably fulfilling too. Did you know designing and building your home can be like a team or individual sport? It’s true! You can develop your design-build project in countless ways, but regardless what the industry calls it, you are “working together” or “working in parts” and both methods have advantages, but how do you know whether to be a super star or super team? read more →

14 Sep 2009
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Kudos – Gonzalez

What clients say about WishingRock Studio: “Thank U Eric, thank you for the excellent customer service…God Bless” — Grissele and Pablo (Pangaea) read more →

18 Aug 2009
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How to Pick Your Architect

How hard can it be to pick an architect? Gee, they are a dime-a-dozen with similar education, internship and licensing credentials so you open a phone book or search engine and browse for names you’ve heard or that appeal to you. Then you call the list, set appointments and pick the one who has the best pedigree, is most attractive or is the cheapest. If it’s a tie, you can draw names from a hat. You can’t go wrong. That sounds simple enough, but the problem is architecture is a creative service and you need a partner who can get to know you and bring your idea to life, but how do you find that person? read more →

24 May 2009
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Kudos – Smith

What clients say about WishingRock Studio:   “We respect your professionalism and your eye for detail and your talent. We appreciate you for designing our dream home.” — Marietta and Michael (Candy Cabin) read more →

05 Apr 2009
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Kudos – Hill

What clients say about WishingRock Studio:   “We really appreciate all the work you did for us…you did a great job and we are excited to get to work.” –Heather and Jason (Small-Smart) read more →

30 Mar 2009
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Kudos – Waterman

What clients say about WishingRock Studio:   “I have to say again—you did a phenomenal job designing for all of these needs—I am still amazed that it’s becoming a reality—it really is our one-of-a-kind-quirkfilled dream home.“   — Nicola and Asa (Plateau Chateau) read more →

23 Mar 2009
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Crazy Inquiry — Questions Architects Ask

What do a reporter, therapist and architect have in common? It’s not salary because reporters get paid by the word, therapists by the hour and architects by the grace of God. It’s not approach because reporters put you on the spot, therapists put you on the clock and architects put you on a pedestal. It’s not vocabulary because reporters write at fifth grade level, therapist dialog with $50 words and architects draw diagrams. It’s not curiosity because reporters want to know where you were and who you talked to, therapists want to know about your family and architects want to know it all. read more →

09 Feb 2009
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