Tutor08-Block Diagram/Mass Model

The block diagram is a layout diagram to show size, circulation and form. It’s not a floor plan, but is the start of one. This helps us understand how big/small spaces are, how they fit together and if the function works. read more →

Tutor07-Site/Code Analysis

The site analysis is my observation about how infrastructure, topography, location, exposure and views affects the building layout, orientation, location, materials, exterior design and interior arrangement. read more →

Tutor06-Bubble Diagram

The bubble diagram is a functional diagram to show which spaces connect to each other. This diagram helps us understand how your project works. read more →

Tutor05-Show & Tell

The Show & Tell is a photo gallery to illustrate your ideas for your project finish, features, fixtures, layout, style. Your comments and feedback help me understand what makes your project unique. read more →

Tutor04-Feature List

The feature list identifies special items such as storage systems, closets, built-ins, window seats and fixtures or all items we need to plan in your project. This exercise teaches me about your fit and finish preferences. read more →

Tutor03-AAA Matrix

The Area-Activity-Adjacency Matrix is the space list plus furniture inventory and building function. This exercise helps me understand how much space you need and how you live. read more →

Tutor02-Space List

The space list is a wish list. You list every interior and exterior space for every activity you want in your project to help me understand what’s in your project. read more →

Tutor01-Initial Interview

The initial interview is our first meeting. We interview each other as potential architect-owner partners and I visit your site so I can prepare a service proposal. read more →