20190903-Mitterer Mitterer Estate

Project Description

Project Type: Multi-Family Residence

Project Scope: Design a 2,800, 4 BR, 3BA, multi-family residence in Boerne, TX with an 800 SF guest addition collocated with the garage. Design & construction incorporate performance building with super-insulated enclosure (SIPS), low- maintenance finishes, water catchment and solar array.

Project Features:

  • small but purposeful spaces
  • concealed siting to provide privacy and views of evergreen
  • feature spaces include great room, office, bed/bath suites, playroom, game room, Multi-purpose utility
  • direct vent fireplace
  • public/private zoning
  • potable rainwater catchment
  • super-insulated enclosure
  • solar array
  • passive solar


Project Progress


Project Timing

  • Start
    Oct 11 2019
  • End
    Mar 24 2020

10/11/2019 03/24/2020


Overall Project Completion

  • The Sketch

    The Sketch - getting to know you & your site!

  • The Docs

    Telling your project story!



  • 50%

    The Details

    The Details - getting to know your project!


The Sketch

The Sketch - getting to know you & your site!


The Details

The Details - getting to know your project!


The Docs

Telling your project story!

The Sketch Complete 97%

The Sketch phase answers the question, "What do my design options look like?" The Sketch includes visuals that explain the concept:
  • diagrams to illustrate an ideal home layout
  • site analysis to highlight inherent benefits and challenges
  • legal restrictions and plot review to create a workable solution
  • multiple solutions with pro/con narrative
  • budget talk (order of magnitude) to help manage money

39 of 41 completed Tasks

  • sign contract
  • collect service start-up invoice
  • setup dropbox & send invites
  • post contract
  • draft design schedule
  • request survey
  • receive survey
  • request CR&R
  • receive CR&R
  • develop space + feature list
  • owner review space + feature list
  • modify space + feature list
  • visit site to collect info
  • complete site visit checklist
  • draft site analysis in BIM
  • present site analysis
  • host site analysis meeting
  • draft AAA matrix
  • owner completes/confirms AAA matrix
  • develop bubble diagram
  • post bubble diagram
  • review meeting - AAA matrix & bubble diagram
  • develop parti diagrams (conceptual strategies)
  • critique partis to select best three
  • review project function to develop schemes
  • request show-n-tell photos
  • develop block diagrams 1-3
  • develop mass models 1-3
  • post mass models for coordination
  • add fenestration
  • develop scheme 1-3
  • layout unique spaces with features/fixtures
  • request concept finish materials
  • add concept finish materials to model
  • conduct code review/analysis
  • submit schemes for review/critique
  • host scheme design meeting
  • revise solution(s) based on feedback
  • evaluate & critique schemes
  • host schematic design review meeting
  • select preferred solution for development

The Details Complete 80%

The Details phase answers the question, "What does my project look like inside and outside?" The Details includes a detailed inventory: detailed design reflecting your style, preferences, features and fixtures integrated architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical layouts code review to make sure the design is safe and buildable full panoramic 3D model views inside and out to illustrate your project budget talk to make sure we’re on target

20 of 41 completed Tasks

  • collect service start-up invoice
  • finalize 4' or 2' floor plan module
  • research fireplace + equipment
  • research dryer vents and other vents
  • floor plan audit
  • elevation view studies
  • section view studies
  • record unique construction details
  • layout unique construction details
  • select fenestration
  • develop fenestration schedule
  • request finish selections
  • request plumbing fixture selections
  • owner selects plumbing fixtures
  • develop plumbing fixture schedule
  • request equipment selections
  • owner provides equipment selections
  • develop equipment schedule
  • request cabinet selections
  • roof framing study
  • review ceiling design ideas & select ceiling style
  • model ceilings
  • owner provide finish list & locations
  • owner selects finishes
  • owner selects cabinet style/features
  • develop finish schedule
  • develop cabinet schedule
  • study electrical design strategies
  • develop conceptual electrical layout
  • request electrical selections
  • ceiling framing study
  • review mechanical design options
  • develop conceptual mechanical layout
  • send interior elevations for review/study
  • host cabinet/closet design meeting
  • request hardware selections
  • request door/cabinet/bath hardware
  • owner select door/cabinet/bath hardware
  • select unique architectural details
  • owner select electrical fixtures
  • develop electric schedule

The Docs Complete 0%

The Docs phase answers the question, "What does it take to bid/build my project?" The Docs provides a document Set which includes:
  • project manual with details, instructions, advice, 3D views and architecturally-unique details
  • complete room, fenestration, cabinet, electrical and equipment schedules
  • working drawings (D-size) depicting site plan, roof plan, floor plan, interior/exterior elevations, system layouts

0 of 30 completed Tasks

  • collect service start-up invoice
  • present floor layout
  • audit floor layout
  • present slab layout
  • audit slab layout
  • present roof layout
  • audit roof layout
  • present frame layout
  • audit frame layout
  • present electrical layout
  • audit electrical layout
  • present mechanical layout
  • audit mechanical layout
  • present exterior elevations
  • audit elevations layout
  • present building sections
  • audit sections layout
  • present interior layouts
  • audit interiors
  • audit finish schedule
  • post schedules & notes
  • audit schedule & notes
  • present site layout
  • audit site layout
  • present unique construction details
  • audit construction details
  • present cover sheet
  • audit cover sheet
  • submit final invoice
  • pay final invoice

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