20190815-Sanchez Hide-n-Seek Again: New Residential Building

Project Description

hide n seek aerialProject Type: New Single-Family Residence

Project Scope: Develop a 3,800 SF 4 BR, 3-1/2 BA, home with great room, outdoor entertainment, pool, vehicle hangar

Project Features:

  • large great room to blend living & dining spaces
  • nautilus master shower for a full-body experience
  • private access to a secret attic where boys can be boys
  • play loft to separate youth from adult activity
  • large sliding glass door to blend indoor-outdoor spaces
  • corner fireplace for multiple view angles
  • unique ceilings to distinguish feature spaces
  • cantilevered window seats to create private nooks
  • custom DITY paint-palette
  • tower to signify entry location



Project Progress


Project Timing

  • Start
    Aug 31 2019
  • End
    Oct 11 2019

08/31/2019 10/11/2019


Overall Project Completion

  • The Sketch

    Getting to know you!

  • The Docs

    Telling the story!



  • 50%

    The Details

    Getting to know your project!


The Sketch

Getting to know you!


The Details

Getting to know your project!


The Docs

Telling the story!

1. The Sketch Complete 100%

See website description for The Sketch phase scope: **Scope development **Design Scheme

17 of 17 completed Tasks

  • 3.E increase 1st floor plate to 12'+
  • 3.F redesign master shower to create larger nautilus radius
  • 2.G revise 2nd floor pitch to eliminate play attic
  • 3.B design understair wine storage
  • 3.C design wider kitchen bar platform
  • 2.E design vehicle hangar
  • scheme functional review meeting
  • 3.D design media room (option)
  • solicit aestethic images
  • provide aesthetic sample images (client)
  • scheme aesthetic review meeting
  • DIN convert openings to corner barn doors
  • revise KIT and LAU stone wainscot
  • + exterior banding to all soffit areas
  • convert back door to full open slider
  • space windows evenly over slider
  • move ext LIV wall flush with ext DIN wall

2. The Details Complete 98%

See website description for The Details phase scope:
  • **Refine Design
  • **Material Selection

5 of 7 completed Tasks

  • 3.H design vaulted 2nd floor ceilings
  • 2.D align garage with approach
  • 2.C site the guest home
  • 2.I show pool design
  • 2.H relocate outdoor kitchen
  • 2.F design decorative garage wall (near pool)
  • 4.B add generator & pad

3. The Docs Complete 76%

See website description for The Docs phase scope:
  • **Document layout
  • **Specific criteria

11 of 16 completed Tasks

  • layout new site plan
  • place septic on site plan
  • place water well on site plan
  • place electric on site plan
  • place comm on site plan
  • update floor layout
  • update slab layout
  • update roof layout
  • update frame layout
  • update electrical layout
  • update mechanical layout
  • update exterior elevations
  • update building sections
  • update interior layouts/elevations
  • update schedules
  • present cover sheet

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