Trike Trak

Trike Trak

On your mark… get set…GO! If you’ve ever been in a race, you know how exhilarating the event is beginning with the anticipation, followed briskly by the starting gun, the race itself and the photo finish. Sometimes design can be like that. When this family called me in August and said we need our outdoor entertainment area (cooking, living, playing) designed and constructed by Christmas, I thought “fast track” so I assembled a team to quickly develop a unique outdoor entertainment space where the family can watch TV, enjoy fireside chats and give their youngest a new place to ride her Christmas tricycle! On your mark… get set… enjoy.


Spring Branch, TX (Designed 2010; Built 2010)


living cells

Personalized remodel!


1,466 SF outdoor entertainment; kitchen, fire pit, living space

Client’s Style:

low maintenance


The Sketch, The Details, The Docs, The Advisor, The Agent

Lifestyle Features:
  • covered outdoor kitchen with stainless steel appliances (grill, burners, oven and sink)
  • open-air fire pit for toasting, roasting and composting
  • sheltered TV niche for weather protection and outdoor viewing
  • wide open slab for tricycle and rollerblade races
  • terraced platforms for connection to parking area
Environment Solutions:
  • natural rubble planters using reclaimed stone from the site and native plants
  • gray water discharged to flower beds
  • minimal and low voltage lighting to reduce energy consumption and maintain night-sky views
  • low maintenance stucco, brick and stone finishes
  • tongue & groove deck to double as structure and finish
Community Influence
  • hexagonal layout to complement angled features inside the home
  • same material palette as main home (stucco, brick, stone, shingle)
  • designed to meet strict neighborhood covenant

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