Family Folley

Family Folley

Imagine being outdoor people, but your home isn’t designed for outside living or access. Imagine this situation on a 5.0 acre estate with a great view and wonderful outdoor spaces. The existing deck is 4′ deep, 8′ off the ground and there’s no way to reach grade which kept the family from enjoying their outdoor space, so they asked me if I could create a family folley to give them an outdoor place to play.


Spring Branch, Texas (Designed in 2008; Built TBD)


frame views

Personalized remodel!


800 SF patio, 455 SF terrace, 120 SF breezeway

Client’s Style:

texas hill country


The Sketch, The Details, The Docs, The Advisor

Lifestyle Features:
  • bar-style wrap-around outdoor kitchen
  • professional stainless steel kitchen appliances – two cooktops, grill, fridge
  • open dining area
  • outdoor living area with fireplace
  • private terrace for hot tub
  • multiple lighting controls to create task and mood lighting
  • large openings to frame views of the property
  • living space level with existing patio to allow views from inside-out and unimpeded tricycle traffic
Environment Solutions:
  • deep overhangs to provide shade
  • integrated planters to sculpt existing grade
  • gray water recycled in the integral planters to use non-potable water for added landscape
  • on-demand hot water heater to heat the water used
  • impervious paving material to allow water infiltration
  • simple roof to allow easy rain water catchment
Community Influence:
  • combination of shingle and metal roof to complement existing home
  • combination of stucco and stone to complement existing home
  • complentary roof pitches to match existing home scale and apperance
  • stone bar wall to integrate with exterior structure
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  1. What this client said about WishingRock Studio:

    “Working with Eric has been a great experience. He’s a terrific architect and a really nice guy!”

    — Gretchen and James (Family Folley)


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