GDS – Joint Venture

GDS – Joint Venture

Story: Sometimes architects collaborate on projects. The professional world calls it a joint venture project. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of a joint venture (JV) relationship with another firm for several years. The JV firm hires WishingRock Studio for design or document production services. More than likely the JV architectural firm already completed a 35% design and hired WishingRock Studio to complete the 50% and 100% design milestones. It’s great experience to witness another architect’s approach and to contribute to the process.

Location: Various TX  cities (Started 2014)

Idea: help each other

Personalized homes!

Stats: Vary – see below

Client’s Style: varied; see below

Services: The Sketch, The Details, The Docs

Residential Portfolio:
  • Tuscan Style Home, 5,591 SF, 1-Story, 4BR, 4BA, Game room, angular lot; Garden Ridge, TX (Complete: Aug 2014)
  • Mission Style Home, 5,168 SF, 1-Story, 3BR, 3-1/2BA, Great room, Game room, Media Room; New Braunfels, TX (Complete: Sep 2014)
  • Builder’s Spec Home, 2,355 SF, 1-Story, 3BR, 2BA, Great room, Covered deck; Canyon Lake, TX (Complete: Sep 2014)
  • Split-Level Home, 6,027 SF, 1-1/2 Story, 4BR, 3BA, Game room, Sun room; Garden Ridge, TX (Complete: Feb 2015)
  • Country Style Home, 5,817 SF, 1-Story, 3BR, 4-1/2BA, Game room, Study, Courtyard; New Braunfels, TX (Complete: Jul 2015)
  • Builder’s Concept Home, 5,000 SF, 2-Story, 4 BR, 5 BA, Game room, Loft, two 2-car garages; Garden Ridge, TX (Complete: Oct 2015)
  • Modern Style (ICF) Home, 6,874 SF, 2-Story, 6BR, 4-1/2BA, Office, Theatre, Game room; Garden Ridge, TX (Complete: Apr 2016)
  • Craftsman Style Home, 5,116 SF, 3BR, 3-1/2BA, Study, Wine Cellar, Hidden room; Garden Ridge, TX (Complete: May 2016)
  • Hill Country Style Home, 6,574 SF, 1-Story, 4BR, 4BA, In-Law suite (1BR, 1BA); Garden Ridge, TX (Complete: Aug 2016)
  • Tuscan Style Home, 5,471 SF, 1-Story, 3 BR, 4-1/2BA, Great room, Office, Library, Media room; Garden Ridge, TX (Complete: Mar 2017)
  • Colonial Style Home, 4,520 SF, 1-Story, 4BR, 3-1/2BA, Grand Foyer, Office, Media room, Courtyard; Garden Ridge, TX (Complete: Aug 2017)
  • Hill Country Style Home, 5,229 SF, 3BR, 3-1/2BA, Tower entry, Great room, Study, Shop; Spring Branch, TX (Complete: Aug 2017)
  • French Style Home, 5,190 SF, 2-Story, 3BR, 3BA, Study, Exercise room, Game room, Gallery hall; Garden Ridge, TX (Complete: Aug 2017)
  • Mission Style Home, 6,848 SF, 1-Story, 3BR, 4-1/2BA, Octo tower, Study, Game room; Garden Ridge, TX (Complete: Oct 2017)
  • Hill Country Style Home, 6,459 SF, 2-Story, 4BR, 5BA, Grand curve entry stair, Media, Game, Office, Exercise, Mezzanine; Marion, TX (Complete: Jan 2018)
  • Spanish Style Home, 5,480 SF, 1-Story, 3BR, 4BA, Rotunda, Study, Media room; Garden Ridge, TX (Complete: Feb 2018)
  • Hill Country Style Home, 8,050 SF, 1-Story, 3BR, 4BA, Game room, Office, Party Porch, Breezeway, Gallery Hall, Canyon Lake, TX (Complete: Feb 2018)
Commercial Portfolio:
  • Wellness Center, 5,667 SF, 2-Story, Chiropractor’s Office; Cibolo, TX (Complete: Jan 2015)