5th Times a Charm

5th Times a Charm

Do you remember that story book family I had the pleasure of working with 8 years ago? We started with a dream home where they raised four beautiful children. Later we followed with a second outdoor entertainment project which added gardens, paths and features including the owner’s addition of a hi tech dog door. It’s the perfect home derived for the perfect family. They have everything. What do you do for the family that has everything? Have another baby! I can’t do that for them, but I can help them remodel to add another bedroom.


San Antonio, TX (Designed 2017; Built 2017)



Personalized remodel!


120 SF; bathroom to bedroom conversion

Client’s Style:

French country


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Lifestyle Features:

  • minimal disruption to convert bathroom to bedroom
  • expand window, but match other proportions
  • locate convenient to master for easy access
  • retain home feel
  • full wall cabinets for efficient storage

Environment Solutions:

  • spray foam insulation
  • low-e, low u-value, hi-insulation vinyl windows
  • low-maintenance materials to improve longevity

Community Influence

  • complement existing home style
  • match existing material palette