Walk-Out Apt

Walk-Out Apt

Mom is here! Usually when you hear that phrase it’s because the teenagers are behaving in some way that requires a lookout; however, our lives evolve and our roles as children evolve to become parents and sometimes become caregivers for OUR parents. When that happens the options are often limited; however, this family discovered an opportunity to re-purpose underutilized space in a walk-out basement for a flexible apartment conversion. Welcome home, mom!


San Antonio, TX (Designed 2019; Built 2020)


create a Walk-Out apartment

Personalized remodel!


1,100 SF; efficiency apartment with sleeping, living, cooking, primping and storage space

Client’s Style:



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Lifestyle Features:

  • open plan to create an efficiency apartment
  • large storeroom for overflow
  • fully-functional kitchen for self-sufficient food prep
  • single-sleeping area visually separated from main living
  • retained all natural light
  • fully-functional bathroom with walk-in shower
  • stacked washer/dryer

Environment Solutions:

  • install HVAC mini-split units for efficient cooling of a hard-to-access space
  • site home in a field to minimize site disturbance
  • utility extensions to connect to city utilities

Community Influence

  • minimize exterior revisions so home appears like original