Just Add Mud

Just Add Mud

Story: Sometimes the coffee needs a little sugar. Sometimes the tea needs a little ice. Sometimes the salad needs a little dressing and sometimes the house needs a little mud. Her home had everything she wanted. It was the right size, the right location with all the right features except a decent mud and laundry room. Our solution expanded the garage to create a buffer space between the house and garage for a little mudroom.

Location: Alamo Heights, TX (Designed 2014; Built TBD)

Idea: shift & insert

Personalized remodel!

Stats: 100 SF addition with mudroom

Client’s Style: integrated remodel

Services: The Sketch, The Details, The Docs, The Advisor, The Agent, The Consultant

Lifestyle Features:
  • space for washer and dryer
  • separate mechanical equipment
  • create vestibule between home and garage
  • create cabinets for linen storage
  • create a drop zone for laptops, chargers and coats
Environment Solutions:
  • condition space and add exhaust fan to reduce humidity
  • vent dryer to exterior
  • relocate washer and repair drain
Community Influence
  • match existing neighborhood fabric
  • retain existing interior design and color palette
  • match kitchen and bath cabinets

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