Bella Tower

Bella Tower

The happy couple returns but with bigger visions. Three years ago this client hired me to remodel their tiny kitchen called Bella Box. During the kitchen design, the owner shared a vision to add a future master suite. Planning ahead paid dividends because when they decided to continue the dream we had the connection established but needed to design the suite. Connection wasn’t easy, but the owner envisioned a tower vestibule to transition from the main home to the suite which perfectly joined Bella’s Box to Bella’s Tower.


San Antonio, TX (Designed 2013; Built 2014)


tower node

Personalized new home!


1058 SF master suite addition; 1-story

Client’s Style:

mid-century modern


The Sketch, The Details, The Docs

Lifestyle Features:
  • design a tower to join the old house with the new addition & inside to outside
  • gas fireplace in master suite
  • vaulted master bath to create spacious bath area and volume
  • sliding barn door in bathroom for privacy & easy access
  • pedestal tub in master for spa-like escape
  • walk-in open-air shower to maintain the spa feel
Environment Solutions:
  • design addition to frame the pool to create micro-climate and shade
  • high R BIBS insulation shell to reduce HVAC load
  • tankless water heater to efficiently disperse on-demand hot water
  • patio to serve home & pool
Community Influence
  • construct addition to rear to retain existing facade
  • complement existing building scale to fit with neighboring buildings

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