Eco-Flex: Wave

Eco-Flex: Wave

How earth-friendly do you want to be? With the Eco-Flex home you can choose your earth-friendliness and design or build the home to suit. The home is designed with an expanding module to be a starter house and grow to accommodate a small family, a multi-generational family or blended family. Infrastructure is off-the-grid, or utility reliant and grows or shrinks similarly. It’s a lifetime sustainable home that meets the economic criteria today and grows to meet future generations lifestyle and environmental goals.


Your town, USA


off-the-grid, sustainable, earth and people –friendly buildings that are so flexible owners can use them for cabins, home-offices, sheds, guest homes, first homes, second homes available to the public via catalog and custom sales

Personalized new home!


400SF – 1200 SF; efficiency to 2+BR, 1BA – 2BA+, patios, 1 or 2-story

Client’s Style:

eco style finished to specification


The Sketch, The Details, The Docs, The Advisor, The Agent, The Consultant

Lifestyle Features:
  • open and flexible plans that grow as the family grows, but retains the original design concept
  • low maintenance finishes and materials
  • designed on a building module using proportional systems for easy build-it-yourself constructability
  • prototype designs include The Clover, The Wave, The Butterfly, The Geode and The Zephyr
Environment Solutions:
  • low maintenance finishes and natural materials
  • pier-and-beam foundations to minimize site disturbance and provide utility access
  • expandable package HVAC units. add modules as the home grows
  • zero-energy home uses solar panels to generate electricity to be truly off-the-grid
  • metal roofs equipped with gutters and water catchment and filtration systems
  • optional natural landscape water retention systems to blend with native landscape
Community Influence
  • flexible material, color, finish palette and design styles to accommodate multiple preferences
  • small footprint to fit on small residential or large acreage property
  • ideal for small communities
  • encourage community gardens to promote local produce

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