16 Dec 2009

How detailed are your drawings?

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How detailed are your drawings?

In a phrase, VERY detailed. My drawing set includes plans (site, roof, floor, framing) and layout drawings (foundation, electrical, mechanical, plumbing). I also add elevations (exterior, interior) and finish schedules (door, window, room, cabinet). Last but not least, I include architecturally-unique construction details and 3D drawings to show how to build special components, features or illustrate system integration. The description is not drastically different than most architects, however, seeing is believing and my drawings, descriptive notes and explanations thoroughly describe your project. It’s more detail than most builders see in a typical drawing set, but it’s worth it because this set is your contract with your builder. If it’s in the drawing, specification and contract, you will get it. My drawings will be your best friend when an installer forgets something or translates something incorrectly because the drawings show and explain how it should be done. Contact me to request a sample set and I’ll explain how my thoroughly detailed documents help you build your project your way. If my testimony is not enough, ask for a client recommendation and they can explain how a WishingRock Studio document set helped them build their personalized project.

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