07 Oct 2007

What is YOUR style?

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What is YOUR style?

My style is client-vernacular. That archispeak phrase means I design based on YOUR requirements, site conditions and preferences. I use many communication tools and methods to extract your essence and design in your family style. I’m sorry I drifted into archispeak again. What I mean is I get to know you so I can think like you, create a building that pleases you and is compatible with your property/neighborhood and goals. I’m a trusted design advisor and partner who listens first, designs with purpose and explores always. As you may notice from my portfolio, I’m a responsive architect who designs personalized projects that fit your life and your community.

You may recognize similarities in projects if a client specified, “I want THAT!” because they discovered something endearing about another project, but I discard preconceived notions, stock plans or an design-award agenda and embrace the individuality that defines your home. I have designed country, modern, french, hill country, craftsman, georgian, southwest, cottage and hybrid style homes as unique as the clients who commissioned them and I value the variety this profession and diverse clients provide.

Just like you, I have personal preferences and would describe my individual aesthetic preference as modern reflected in scandinavian-style furniture and austere detailing. I also like asian-inspired design concepts. I adopted personalized versions of scandinavian, asian and hill country principles in my home’s detailing and furniture choices. It’s an interesting blend, but it feels like home.

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Your Architect is Eric Faulkner -- an architect licensed in Texas & Oklahoma with 32 years experience in design, construction observation and life.