14 Nov 2016

Then-Now: A Schematic Story

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There is a universal truth all architects share. An architect, every architect, methodically, randomly or unknowingly marches, plods or stumbles through a design from the beginning or “The Then” where (s)he knows nothing more than there’s a design problem to solve to the end “The Now” where (s)he solves the problem.

Along the way, the architect adopts different roles to evolve the design. My Then-Now design progression isn’t identical every time but I adopt definitive roles such as these that help me evolve a design:

  1. The Nosy Investigator
  2. The Party (Parti) Host
  3. The Creator
  4. The Shopper
  5. The Blender
  6. The Story-Teller

As The Nosy Investigator, I ask questions to learn about my client, the site and the prospective project.

After I educate myself I host a Parti to generate design themes.

Themes in mind, it’s time to play Creator where I develop schemes and refine the chosen scheme.

Schematic ideas evolve to Detailed designs where Creator turns Shopper to select finishes and products.

Products in hand, the architect becomes The Blender to coordinate systems, technology and finish details.

The next role is The Story-Teller where the architect publishes the documents to transform the questions into instructions for how to build the idea.

If you’re ready to experience a time-lapse click the arrow button below to progress through an animated Schematic Story.

Now you’ve seen how one architect methodically, randomly or unknowingly marches, plods or stumbles through a design that started way back then. Now it’s time to observe other architects in their element.

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This is another entry in Bob Borson’s blogging brain-child titled, “ArchiTalks”.

The #ArchiTalks goal is to inspire blogging architects with similar educational and professional requirements to opine on the same topic and simulpost their response so other architects and a broader audience can enjoy the rampant thought-diversity within the architecture profession

Select the links in “Architalks Entries” below to read how architects responded to the “Then-Now” topic.

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