03 Nov 2009

Tutor09-Scheme Models

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What it is:

The scheme models (The Sketch) show potential 3D design solutions that address your functional needs and aesthetic preferences. It includes all major spaces, but may not address all secondary spaces (small closets, storage areas, outdoor entertainment). It helps me visualize your functional and aesthetic preferences at the same time.

What you learn:
  • How well I listen and understand your project
  • What building solutions look like
  • Advantages of certain schemes
  • Which criteria are more important to you
  • How everything comes together
  • Where the building sits on the lot
  • Where we go from here
  • How many decisions you need to make
Exercises we use:
  • We meet face-to-face (preferably) or phone, or online to discuss ideas
  • You give me feedback and we talk about what works with each design or your favorite solution
  • This is a critical milestone because we pick ideas to refine your personalized project
  • Involve your contractor to critique designs against your budget

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