Sir Caulks-Alot — One Beer Project

You may remember the wall, the closet organizer, the garage storage shelves and the towel bar trauma 1 through 3. Well, I’m at it again. Despite multiple home-improvement debacles, I still believe I can repair home ills. I think it’s my dad’s fault because he can repair anything and I believed I inherited that talent. Not so. I know exactly what I want and I have an idea for repairing it, but plans and result rarely align. Regardless the perpetual and frequent setbacks, I pursue an idea and invent a project. This time it was a caulk job – the garage door. read more →

01 Apr 2009
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Green Business — Distinguishing Hype from Help

I’m a proud small business owner and join millions of small business owners who employ 99.7% of Americans and account for 50.1% of the non-farm gross domestic product. As a contingent we’re anything but small and our actions have a profound impact on our economy and environment. When small businesses decide to operate a green business, it makes a big difference; however, running a green business might not be for everyone – at least not today. Deciding to live green at home and live green at work are mutually exclusive decisions because decisions you make at home reflect your desires but decisions you make in your business should reflect your business strategy. read more →

31 Mar 2009
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Why Does My Home Cost So Much?

Inquiring clients want to know, “Hey, Mr. Architect. If you’re so smart, then tell me why my home costs so much! It’s only natural to wonder why your home costs so much. That’s the same thing I wondered when I built my home. I saw the signs advertising “Build on your lot for $60/SF” and “Homes from the $100s” but when I built my personalized home, no one offered to build on my lot for $60/SF and no one could build my humble home for $100k. Are builders telling the truth? read more →

26 Feb 2009
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Crazy Inquiry — Questions Architects Ask

What do a reporter, therapist and architect have in common? It’s not salary because reporters get paid by the word, therapists by the hour and architects by the grace of God. It’s not approach because reporters put you on the spot, therapists put you on the clock and architects put you on a pedestal. It’s not vocabulary because reporters write at fifth grade level, therapist dialog with $50 words and architects draw diagrams. It’s not curiosity because reporters want to know where you were and who you talked to, therapists want to know about your family and architects want to know it all. read more →

09 Feb 2009
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Where are your project photos?

Where are your project photos? I’m sure people wonder why our home page isn’t loaded with design project photos. That’s simple — our projects are about the people and the planet! We create earth-friendly places to live. If you appreciate lifestyle and location-based design then we’re the architect for you. However, seeing is believing so.. read more →

19 Dec 2008
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Will you barter services?

Will you barter services?   I accept cash, check and credit cards. I’ve never bartered, but have learned through my accountant if you have a marketable skill bartering can sustain you during a tough cash-suffering economy. If you have a marketable skill, I may be willing to negotiate market-value services for simiarly valued services. Part.. read more →

16 Nov 2008
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Why do I need an architect?

Why do I need an architect to design my home?   You might not need an architect to design your home. You might be able to do it yourself or you might hire a designer to help you. I hate to answer a question with a question, but if you answer “yes” to any of.. read more →

10 Nov 2008
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Do you design commercial projects?

Do you design commercial projects?   Yes, most of my experience is commercial work. I have experience with residential, office, hospitality, industrial, retail, medical, religious and multi-family building types. When an architect earns his/her license, he/she is qualified to design any building type. I specialize in personalized homes because I like the residential scale, scope.. read more →

13 Oct 2008
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